Thursday, 29 December 2016

A few recent paintings.....

I often feel I should be out 'Plain Air' Painting but, in reality, the reference for the work does not necessarily make a lot of difference. Sometimes I paint 'plain air', sometimes from photographs; sometimes from the imagination.

Painting seems to be even more providential than fishing. At least with fishing, the chances of success  can be increased by study of the fishing ground; care in selection of bait and gear and studious research in to the best methods and practices. Painting, however, seems (to me at least) a little more elusive and, in the long run, very little can be done to achieve success. Research and formulae seem to do little to guarantee a good painting and one's only option is to keep going in the belief that, somewhere along the line, there will be worthwhile results.

These two 'skyscapes' were painted on canvases that held landscapes that needed improvement. Sometimes it amazes me how long it takes to do something that looks a bit 'slapdash'..The end results

 bear little resemblance to the work underneath.

A painting of Manhattan in New York. I had my first visit to the US in Spring '15where I took a number of photographs and did a little sketching...

A 'Still Life' (painted yesterday) ... I'm very often disappointed with my Still Lifes but, for some reason, the Green Bowl in this painting seems to work quite well..