Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A few recent paintings..

This one was painted a week or son ago. I was at home thinking what can I paint and happened to notice the Houses of Parliament logo/image on Morning TV so took the train up to town (from the South Coast) and found a spot on one of the Golden Jubilee Bridges..

I think it might have caused more of a stir if it was painted a hundred and fifty years ago and called 'impression'...

A portrait of Andrew

Goring Beach...was just going to paint the Landscape when the people came and set up their deck-chairs..I think they help a bit.

A Still Life...

Lights on the A259 ...

Monday, 6 June 2016

Haven't posted on here for a while so here is another go.

I sell most of my paintings 'online' at the moment. Some on dedicated Artist's Websites like Saatchionline, Artfinder and uk and also on Ebay.

Prices range between about £700.00 and 99pence and I can't really say that iv'e discovered the secret of marketing my work in the most productive manner.

One thing of interest however and, something of a revelation to me, is the power of the 'mailing list'.

I have been selling on the Art Sites mentioned above for a couple of years now. Saatchi and ArtGallery have sold a handful of  paintings but Artfinder (over the same time) has sold over 90. The same paintings are on each Site.

Artfinder gives its Artists a "management' page where you can view the number of daily visitors to your 'gallery'. Mine was averaging about thirty or forty a day. Sometimes less, sometimes a hundred.
One day I had an email (presumably sent to all their 8000 artists) asking if I would like to be promoted (no charge, just had to meet some criteria). The result was simply (as far as I could see) one email, on one day with a link to my work sent to the people on the Artfinder Mailing List (perhaps there was some other promotion but I couldn't find it). The result. Page visits went from thirty or forty a day to, at its peak, seven and a half thousand a day. Yes, seven and a half thousand which resulted in the sale of some twenty paintings.

So I am a convert to the benefits of the 'Mailing List' and, I think this gives something of a example of the power in such devices.

Some recent paintings: