Thursday, 23 April 2015

I was watching a TV programme the other day in which Czar Nicholas II was mentioned.

Apparently he was nicknamed 'The Cushion' because he took on the characteristic impression of whosoever influenced him. In the same way that a cushion takes on the impression of the sitter.

I feel a little like this with my painting style. I've only got to see the works by some painter that impresses me and I'm off trying to emulate their style and technique.

Not entirely sure that this is a bad thing as one of the main reasons for doing good work is so that others might also be impressed to follow such an example. When you look at Vincent's works when Gauguin stayed with him in Arles, you can clearly see Gauguin's influence in the paintings of Van Gogh at that time.

I was recently extremely impressed by the Townscapes and Figurative work of Simon Pasini (check out his exquisite paintings)... and I've started painting townscapes with a more 'figurative' influence...

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