Friday, 17 April 2015

One of the problems with Plein Air Townscapes in a busy area, apart from trying to paint amongst crowds of people, is things like parking etc.

I spent a day in Brighton, East Sussex this week with an idea to have a go at the 'Clock Tower'.. I, luckily, found a parking meter within about a quarter of a mile of the spot however, found myself with insufficient change to purchase a ticket.. luckily the payment machine allowed payment by card and payment by phone. The price for two hours was pretty much what you could pay for a pretty good sirloin steak dinner however, despite my best efforts, and no matter how many times I tried, I couldn't get the machine to accept the card. After some twenty minutes on the phone I managed to set up an account and pay through my phone and headed to Brighton Station to, briefly, use the facilities.

Nice and clean looking, I thought as I approached the building. The reason became clear as there was yet another turnstile to be activated by twenty pence to allow access to the building's interior.
Did I have twenty pence in the correct change? Naturally no... Luckily there was a machine adhered to the wall offering change however, a piece of A4 paper affixed to the front told me it was out of order... luckily, an oriental looking female attendant with a charitable attitude rifled through my change and activated the barrier for fifteen pence... goodness.

There ...rant over..

Here's the painting of the Clock Tower.. finished off a bit at home..

and another one from a photograph taken out of the van window whilst waiting at the lights..

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